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We have a constantly upgrading fleet of equipment, that is ready to assist with your event. Our highly skilled technicians are also available to provide venue technical services. We can also undertake Design & Install of Technical solutions.

Small Band / Party PA

A PA suitable for small events consisting of 6 Channel Mixer, 10″ Sub, and 2 x Active Full Range 8″ Cabs.
Optional extras to suit your needs, including Active Foldback (Monitor) Wedge, 4 Channel Mixer, 16 Channel Mixer, Media Players, and Microphones.

We’d recommend this for small venues, and events such as birthday parties, bands (no mics), conferences, and awards ceremonies. Ideal for music playback, small microphone setups, and Karaoke.

outdoor speaker

Outdoor Small PA

A weatherproof PA, suitable for Small to Medium sized outside events. Consisting of 2 x Full Range 100v Line Horns, and Mixer Amplifier.
Optional extras to further enhance the sound, including 4ch, 8ch or 16ch Mixer, Media Players, additional horns, and microphones.

This setup is ideal for outdoor events such as Fetes, and Fun Days – the system is suitable for music playback, and general public address.

American DJ LED Par Can

Stage/Theatre Lighting

Multiple lighting options, suitable for small stage lighting projects.
With a range of Control options, and LED fixtures, including Battens, Par Cans, and Moving Heads, we have the ability to create the desired lighting effects for your events.

We have the ability to light up to medium spaces, combining our own fixtures, with the venue’s in house rig. A site inspection is always required, prior to a booking, so we can understand exactly what is needed for the event. We have previously undertaken lighting for concerts, plays, conferences, and musicals, alongside outside events such as carol singing.

Stage lights 3
projector lens convention center 6760351


Our small fleet of LCD projectors, are suitable for a variety of uses, in small environments. Whether it be showing films, presenting PowerPoint presentations, or slideshows, we have a solution for you.
Whilst we do not usually provide the screens, we can work with your chosen venue, to create the desired effect.

Our projection systems have been used in the past for conferences, event slideshows, and films.

Stage light

Special Effects

We have a range of Special Effects in our fleet list.
Our high output vertical Foggers, are the perfect accompaniment to our Stage Lighting solutions. Our Bubble Machines are the perfect addition to any party. No event would be complete without our high power Confetti Launchers! Snow is also available for the Christmas season!

Previously, our special effects have been used in Theatre Productions, Opening Ceremonies, and Halloween parties!

confetti concert people crowd 2571539

Venue Technical Services

We appreciate that you may have the desired equipment, already in place at your chosen venue.
Therefore, we are also able to provide technical services. We can provide a Lighting Technician, and a Basic Sound / Playback Technician, to work with the venue’s in house equipment, to create your perfect event.

We have the experience to work with some of the very latest, digital sound and lighting desks, with modern LED fixtures, as well as basic control boards, with older halogen fixtures. We usually request to inspect a venue prior to an event, to identify what we will be working with.

Technical System Design and Installation

In addition to our above services, we are also able to Design,
and Install Technical solutions in your home, office, or venue.

Our Technician has a range of experience in designing Audio Visual Systems, and Lighting Rigs,
allowing us to provide free no-obligation quotes for designs and installs.

Recent designs, and Installs have included:

12 Camera CCTV System Design and Install

We surveyed, and designed a CCTV system to suit the needs of the building, whilst covering the key areas, that the security of the building may be compromised.

Theatre Audio Visual

A venue that hadn’t had any major AV upgrades for 40 years, didn’t prove much of a challenge for us. We successfully designed and installed a complete new HK Audio rig, Allen & Heath Control System, and added a Visual System for projection.

Play Barn Special Effect
Lighting Install

We designed, and installed a special effect Ultra-Violet Lighting system for a local Play Barn, to allow them to host UV Events.

The Install was completed on a tight budget, with the client providing the lighting fixtures.

CCTV Camera

After a CCTV specialist had failed to meet the client’s needs, they came to us to look at replacement options, to improve image clarity on their camera system. We replaced the low quality cameras with 8MP IP Turrets to satisfy the client’s needs.

Place of Worship
Speaker Solution

We were contacted by a local place of worship, that were experiencing white noise issues with their new electric keyboard, and in-house speaker system. After discovering the old speakers had come to the end of their life, we replaced like for like.

Not seeing what you Require?

Get In Touch!

Whilst you may not see the ideal solution you require listed, we often have contacts that can provide further options, that may meet your requirements. Therefore, please get in touch, via the contact page, and let us know your plan, and what you think you’ll need, and we’ll do our best to help!

Hiring options

All of our packages usually come with our technician, however there may be the option to ‘Dry Hire’* certain elements of our hire fleet. Please get in touch with your requirements, and we can discuss this with you.

* ‘Dry Hire’ means just hire of the equipment – no technician. In this case, a refundable deposit, and Photo ID will be required.


We like to be as fair as possible, when it comes to pricing. Therefore, we do not have a set hire charge, per service, and all bookings will be quoted for individually. The final price will include, hire of equipment, technician’s time, and fuel travel costs. We cannot guarantee a discount for Charities, however please do send us your charity name, and number, when requesting a quote, and we will do our best to help.

Please note: Dry Hires will be subject to a refundable deposit, and Photo ID is required.

Damages / Insurance

If damage is caused to any piece of our fleet, you/your company will be liable for the damaged caused, and will be charged for the replacement of the item. This will stand, whether it be a normal, or dry hire, and the damage has not been caused by our technician. It is your responsibility to obtain insurance, that covers the loss of our equipment.